a man sitting on the beach, with the quote about disbelief in bigotry and hate being as destructive as the act itself

In the aftermath of bigotry, hate, and discrimination, a sentiment that is just as destructive is captured in these words…

I can’t believe it.

This phrase, or its pernicious cousins, is an automatic response to the trauma of watching racism, sexism, or any other -ism rear its head from those…

Did you know that someone proposed a new “Alphabet Song”? One that rids us of the famed LMNOP (read “ellemenopee”) in favor of each letter getting its shine in the song.

Of the few things that brought me joy this 2020, watching people on social media mourning the loss…

The words ‘toxic meritocracy’ appear over a sign saying ‘radioactive’

It is time to dismantle the meritocracy.

At least when it is served up as an exemplar of a clear, transparent, and flawless system for weighing and defining value and worth. Because true meritocracy is a myth.

Sure, it feels good to say. We should reward merit — good and…

Corey Ponder

Tech policy professional by day, wannabe superhero by night. Passionate about building communities, spaces, and platforms focused on inclusion and empathy.

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